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Global Head of Talent Development, Learning & Development, DEI&B, Sales Enablement, Commercial Functions

People Booster, Business Enabler

Certified Professional Coach - ICF - ACC Accredited

  • Lori's most recent title was Global Vice President of Learning and Development, but she considers herself a people booster and business enabler. She looks to inspire individuals and teams to reach their full potential with infectious enthusiasm and a creative approach that reimagines what's possible. She transforms transactional people practices into innovative strategies delivering value for both the business and the employees.


  • Lori's unique background is not traditional HR. Her extensive business experiences at top consumer good companies have allowed her to stand up commercial functions in Marketing, Sales, Operations, Business Development, Operations and Human Resources. She believes that building a culture of continuous learning and growth is the secret sauce to a company’s success. Lori invests in relationships as a colleague, mentor and coach. She has a track record of designing and implementing innovative people strategies that get results.

  • Coaching has been a common thread in Lori's career that continues with her most passionate part of Development - Leader Development. She is a certified ICF coach, an experienced facilitator and an Insights Discovery (Psychometric Assessment) Certified Practitioner. 


  • Lori is a regular speaker at Learning & Development Executive level programs and has been featured in Podcasts and industry publications.

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Lori Stockel


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